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ISCC Irish Society for Colitis and Crohns Disease

The Irish Society for Colitis and Crohn’s Disease (ISCC) is a patient support group for people who are living with Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis (collectively known as Inflammatory Bowel Disease or IBD). We offer telephone support, information leaflets, and organise meetings and events around the country. The ISCC Youth Group is the youth arm of the ISCC and organises informal events and activities aimed at younger people who are living with IBD. We also lobby on behalf of people with IBD for improved services and greater awareness of the impact of living with IBD. 

We aim to be a reliable and trustworthy source of quality information and advice to anyone who has been diagnosed with IBD. We want to help you to better understand how you can manage your condition, to help dispel some of the myths, and to remove the fear that comes with a diagnosis of IBD. We also provide support to family and friends of people with IBD.

So please have a look around our website for ways in which we may be able to help and please consider becoming a member to support our work going forward and to give a stronger voice to all of us when we are lobbying on behalf of those who are living with IBD in Ireland. We are a membership organisation and are entirely reliant on our members to function.  We also welcome membership from healthcare professionals or anyone else who is interested in helping those who are living with IBD in Ireland. 

Survey "Impacts of living with my IBD"  - Click here

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Upcoming Events

Gut Week Ireland 2015
04 Sep 2015
Survey to mark Gut Week reveals that when Irish people were asked what reason they would give if they needed to call in sick to work  due to bowel problems, almost half (47%) said they would give food poisoning/vomiting as an excuse. While less than 1 in 4 (23%) would admit to having bowel ... more

Cork Regional Meeting
26 Sep 2015
Clarion Hotel Lapps Quay Cork City Saturday 26th September 2015 Commencing 2pm - 5pm Key Speakers Dr Lucina Jackson Consultant Gastroenterologist Bon Secours Cork Joanne McCarthy & Sinead Nolan IBD Nurse Specialist Bon Secours Cork Dietitian  M.I.N.D.I. P ... more

Castlebar Regional Meeting
03 Oct 2015
Castlebar Regional Meeting Harlequin Hotel Castlebar Co Mayo Saturday 3rd October 2015 Commencing at 2pm -5pm Key Speakers Dr Brian Egan Consultant Gastroenterologist Mayo General Hospital Dr Luke O'Donnell Consultant Gastroenterologist Mayo General Hospital Dr Eg ... more